The Fabled Thread Kit - Tabatha The Tiger Tamer


This embroidery kit is part of our freestyle A Night at the Circus range.

This kit is designed for beginners and experienced stitchers alike. It includes an embroidery sampler and stitching guide which will introduce you to 8 different embroidery stitches. Each stitch has been selected as brings a different element to your embroidery. Some for filling, some for texture and some for that extra flourish.

The stitches you will learn are: running stitch, satin stitch, chain stitch, Hungarian braid, French knots, stem stitch, whipped stem stitch and turkey work.

The kit includes a sampler that you can use to practice each stitch before getting going on your main circus performer. The point of the kit is that by doing the sampler first you will build confidence and an understanding of what each stitch brings. That way you can then express your own creativity to embellish your circus performer however you would like. You will be provided with 15 different bobbins each with 8 meters of thread on. The colours have been chosen to compliment each design

There are detailed videos to accompany the sampler so you will be fully directed through this. There are no detailed stitching plans or videos for your main embroidery piece.

The kit contains:

An embroidery sampler to teach you 8 different embroidery stitches

A stitching guide with instruction for each stitch and a separate guide on using the hoop

A 5 inch embroidery hoop, used for stitching your sampler and circus kit

Several different sizes needles (attached to the sampler)

The circus performer printed on a high quality heavy British linen (measuring ~300mm x 420mm)

A selection of embroidery threads designed to compliment the figure you are stitch

A beautiful poster celebrating the circus (the design varies per kit)

A story book on the circus and some sticker so you can embellish your box

The sampler will take 8-10 hours to complete and your circus figure would be expected to take 4-8 weeks to stitch, depending how much detail you add of course! Once finished, the circus figure will measure 300mm x 420mm and fit in an A3 frame.

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