Design - The Unexpected Red Theory

The 'unexpected red theory' is a term recently coined by Brooklyn-based designer Taylor Migliazzo Simon on TikTok. It describes the interior design idea of adding a pop of red, which in turn instantly improves the look of a space, especially in places where it can enhance the overall palette.

Having worked in the 'trends' industry for many years, I am sceptical about new concepts as the resurgence of different colours, ideas & styles continually revolve and rotate, with slight tweaks through the different eras. New 'trends', however, are a good way for retailers, particularly the high street brands, to offer newness and maintain interest in their seasonal collections. So, although this red theory has seen a huge proliferation on the internet, using red as an accent colour is nothing new to me and many others...but I do love it.  Maybe as much as I used to love an accent of piercing opaque orange fluorescent.

Red is known to stimulate the senses and evoke strong emotions, but it can also create a sense of warmth and cosiness. Personally, I believe that emotive design is very powerful. When creating the space for Brassica Restaurant, I wanted a place that immediately made customers feel at home, secure and happy. This can only be achieved with careful use of colour, lighting and real flame— candles and real fire!.

So, instead of jumping on the coattails of an American TikTok phenomenon but simultaneously embracing the notion, I have highlighted my favourite spaces where red as a highlight colour is just perfect... 

One design who I have admired throughout my career is Ilse Crawford. Her approach to interiors & products has the human's emotional needs at the heart of the design.

'We design responsive homes that support and embrace people's physical, emotional and psychological wants and needs'.

Studio Ilse

Other great designers/antique dealers who timelessly use the idea of a strong accent colour are:
8 Holland Street
Sarah Brown Interiors
Litten Tree Antiques

And me!...various locations within Brassica Restaurant & Mercantile highlight pops of red...we have only one red Thonet chair on the restaurant floor alongside the oak and white ones, and it always makes me smile.



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