Zoo-ology-Books & Stationery-Gardners-Brassica Mercantile

By Joelle Jolivet

A beautifully illustrated, captivating guide to the world's animals. A must for every nursery shelf.  Zoo-ology is the original big book of animals, a picture book of epic proportions providing a visual treat for readers, young and old. With a new environment on every colourful, artistic page, Zoo-ology is filled with beautifully crafted species from the Aardvark to the Zebra.  Joelle Jolivet connects each animal in thought-provoking and unusual ways, grouping creatures of all shapes and sizes in a zoo without bars.  Animal books don’t get much bigger than this.

Perfect for fans of Jenny Broom’s Animalium and Maps by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinska, this is a gorgeous picture book to be pored over by children and grown-ups alike. Suitable for ages 2+.