Twit and Howlett and The Balloon-Books & Stationery-Little Toller-Brassica Mercantile

Published by West Dorset based Little Toller Books.

Twit and Howlet are twins. They are the youngest members of the extended Owl family, who all live together in an oak tree called The Pines. After dinner one day, while the family are arguing around the T.V. downstairs, the twins clamber into the attic in search of an old cat trap. Cat’s and owls are no longer arch enemies, so the trap has fallen out of use in the Owl household. 

Up in the attic, amongst old clothes, boxes, an old pram and the other Owl objects that might-come-in-useful-someday, Twit and Howlet find what they are looking for. Mouse-shaped, made of metal, Twit realises the old cat trap is ideal for making an home-made hot air ballon. 

After a trip to the local library, looking for books and plans and diagrams, Twit and Howlett set about making the balloon from scraps of fabric and old socks, shirts, some sand, bits of wool, an old apron and an even older umbrella that is perfect for a grapnel. 

The wonderful, eccentric ballooning adventure of the owl twins Twit and Howlet is from the imagination of Barbara Jones, an artist and writer now celebrated as one of the most influential champions of folk and vernacular art in Britain. Originally published in 1970, it became an instant classic. 

Join Twit and Owlet on their adventure when they leave the Owl family and their oak tree. What will they see floating high up and away through sunsets and rainstorms? Where will they will end up? The South Pole? Devon? Belgium?


142 x 215mm hardback
48 pages printed on Munken papers
Illustrated by Barbara Jones