Something of his Art: walking to Lübeck with J. S. Bach-Books & Stationery-Little Toller-Brassica Mercantile

By Horatio Clare

Something of his Art is Horatio Clare’s recreation of the long walk that J. S. Bach took in the depths of winter in 1705 – his long walk to Lübeck across northern Germany, and visualising the light, landscape and wildlife the young, and as yet unknown composer would have seen.

“…a book of great erudition, concision and depth (not to mention one with a cover so beautiful you’ll want to hang it on your wall).” Charlie Connelly, The New European

“He demonstrates that to walk for the purpose of retracing centuries-old footsteps is to walk through our own age as well.” Richard King, Caught by the River

Published: October 2018, hardback.