Paper Ball Garland in a Bag
Our ready-made, colour popping, paper ball party garland is an eye catching addition to any party decor!
Packed in a neon pink spotty calico bag, this colourful garland of 10 honeycomb paper balls is ready to be hung up. Just simply open out each ball and seal with the supplied paper clips or double sided adhesive tape ( if you want to re use I recommend using the paper clips) .
After use, flatten the balls, fold them up and pop them back in their spotty bag ready for the next party. The garlands are suitable for both indoors and outdoors (but not if it's wet and rainy!) and also make great year-round room decorations.
Let your imagination run wild and customise your garland - there's a generous length of twine between each ball to which you can attach your own additions. Here are a few ideas we love....use mini clothes pegs and clip on birthday / Christmas cards or photographs, cut strips of fabric, ribbon or paper and fold over the twine in varying lengths, make tissue paper tassles and tie them on, or attach bows made of our washi tape to the twine.
We've shown the garland draped over a little tree but they create a fabulous impact when strung across a room at their full length.
The garland is 4 metres long and contains 10 colourful honeycomb paper balls each 5" in diameter.