Olive Oil - Posticcio Nuovo 2015-Food & Drink-Graham Chidgey-Brassica Mercantile

This delicious limited stock of Tuscan olive oil is exclusive to Brassica.  The cultivation of two types of olive trees - Frantoio and Leccino, on the estate owned by Ermes de Zan and his late partner Jeffrey Smart.  A limited edition print by Smart - the critically acclaimed famous Australian artist sits above the fireplace in our restaurant.  When Jeffrey died in 2013, Ermes continued with the harvesting for another two years.  Upon moving back to Australia, he offered Brassica the opportunity to buy his last bulk bottling.  
Each year the oil was admired by friends, relatives and cognoscenti of the art world but was rarely sold commercially.

Frantoio….provides fruit and weight of flavour.

Leccino….the pepperiness typical of Tuscan oil.