Little Green Christmas Crackers

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The Little Green Cracker Company was inspired by a 2019 Google search for ‘eco Christmas crackers’.  And so in 2020 – pandemic or not – The Little Green Cracker Company was born. They have put eco and ethical principles at the heart of everything they do – from designing, to printing, to gift suppliers, and have gone small and local whenever they can. The materials are both recycled and recyclable wherever possible. The crackers are a truly plastic-free design – none of that pesky polyester necessary. And the gifts have been selected to spark a bit of joy and, most importantly, to be used! 

  • Includes: a snap, hat, joke and one of each gift: scented tealight, shampoo bar, pea-shoot seeds, 2 teabags, jam, wildflower seeds

Our totally different, funky design inspired by the vibrant colours of the recycled sari ribbon we use. Sari silk is not only 100% biodegradable – it’s also made by women’s cooperatives in India so it’s super ethical too. It looks great when re-used to hang small photo frames and for decoration on gifts.

Polka Dot
Our bright and cheerful polka dot design uses contrasting strands of acetate ribbon for a funky finish. Acetate is made from 100% wood pulp and is completely biodegradable. Like all of our ribbons, it would love to find a new use in your home. 

Our bold stripy design in a sophisticated colour palette and using contrasting burgundy and green plastic bottle ribbon for a beautifully coordinated finish. This ribbon has saved thousands of bottles from landfill and is super strong; ideal for re-use in the garden; it’s also great for hanging Christmas decorations and would love to find a new purpose in your home.

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