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Polenta Bianca Istantanea, La Grande Ruota (Quick Cook White Polenta), 500g

Typical of the area known as the "Polesine" in the North East of Italy (between Venice and Treviso), this polenta is made from the "Biancoperla" grain. The Veneto's gastronomic history has close ties to a particular dish: Polenta, commonly prepared using "Marano" yellow corn. However, up until the end of WWII a white polenta was also commonly made. More highly-regarded, the grain represented a division between the plains and the foothills of the mountains. The yellow corn came from the foothills where conditions were harsher and only a hardy grain could prosper. Biancoperla corn has tapered, elongated cobs with large, bright pearly-white kernels. Delicate flavour, pairs well with more subtle flavours and fish.