Kenyan Basket: Small
Kenyan Basket: Small Kenyan Basket: Small Kenyan Basket: Small

Each of our hand-woven sisal baskets is entirely unique in its colour, size and pattern - no two are ever the same.
Made by the talented women of Kasigau, Kenya.

Most of the weavers are women and are the main breadwinners of their families. Their primary source of income is through subsistence farming but when the rains are too late or don’t come at all the crops fail and for these families and communities this can be devastating. In these desperate times many people turn to poaching or charcoal burning as a quick source of income. Creating alternative revenue streams such as the basket weaving helps conservation by decreasing the necessity for these harmful practices. As well as also encouraging the craft of weaving to be handed down from generation to generation.
Please call the shop 01308 538 140 or email HELLO@BRASSICAMERCANTILE.CO.UK  and we can tell you which colours we have in stock.