Grés Hare Terrine-Kitchen & Dining-Manufacture de Gigoin-Brassica Mercantile
Corinne Jordan Gros, a former marketing specialist, has been fascinated by traditional French manufacturing for a while.  When Manufacture de Digoin, the oldest pottery in the Loire Valley, went out of business at its peak, employing 220 people, she took the bold move and raised money to buy it and restore the ovens and production facilities. Corinne's goal is to take a creative and contemporary approach to production, introducing new colors and more refined shapes.

Handcrafted in the Burgundy workshops of the Manufacture de Digoin.

Thanks to traditional and ancestral knowledge, the development and manufacture of this stoneware mixture combines locally sourced raw materials, which creates a unique and exclusive recipe with which to work with.

1 litre capacity; safe for the oven and dishwasher. To clean any stubborn stains, simply soak in warm water and then gently clean, avoiding steel scourers.