Family & Friends Dolls' Houses of the 17th, 18th & 19th Centuries-Books & Stationery-Cider House Books-Brassica Mercantile
From the author, Liz Antrim:

Volume 2.

This book is the culmination of 50 years of collecting, uncovering and restoring, mending and researching. I wanted to share the revelations and delight these wonderful houses have given me, and I hope in doing so also to find out more from the feedback of my readers. I can't describe the thrill of finding the name of a toy-man in a trade directory after you have been searching for it for years, with only a name or initials embossed on a grate, or printed on the back of a piano needle case to go by. I am still embarrassed recalling the looks I got in the Guildhall Library when I made my first discovery.

And then there is the excitement of revealing wallpapers which have been covered up for perhaps 150 years, and still look as fresh and vibrant as when they were new. This urge to restore has got me into trouble on not a few occasions, and my workshop still has several houses which are in need of much more attention than I had first realised. Hopefully, they will all get done one day.