G. Cova Panettocino-Food & Drink-Creme Dor-Brassica Mercantile

The best ingredients coupled with exceptional packaging design make this line of panettone a well deserved treat or a unique gift. A small 100g taste of G. Cova's famous panettone.

  • Light and airy leavened cake 
  • 100g

"The art of blending flavours coming from the past with the care of the present." G. Cova da Milano since 1930, "Sweet Excellence, Renewed Tradition". 

In 1930, two well known confectionary masters, Mr. Agostino Panigada and Mr. Giovanni Cova came together to create their first workshop in Viale Nurzia in Milan. Here the real "Panetun di Milan" was born. Now known as Breramilano, the company produces superior quality confections particularly their Panettone and Pandoro which are known as the undoubted symbols of Milanese confectionary art all over the world. For this company, remembering and respecting the past means keeping alive the ancient confectionary art traditions, respecting old recipes and checking every single ingredient for quality. Their aim is to keep alive the flavours of the past as time goes by.

May contain traces of nuts and soy.