Andrée Jardin Shoe Cleaning Kit-Home Accessories-ICTC-Brassica Mercantile

This kit contains all the indispensable tools to nourish, polish, and shine your shoes. The kit contains two applicator brushes (7" x 1.2" x 1.2"); use one for
pre-cleaning prior to polish or use each for different polish colours.

One lint free and washable microfiber cloth; use it after polishing to shine the leather.
One polishing brush (6" x 6" x 2") to spot clean and shine your shoes between polishes.
All brushes are made of genuine French beechwood; applicator brushes feature pig silk bristles; polishing brush has blond horeshair bristles. High quality, long lasting, and made in France by the Andree Jardin company, established in Nantes since 1947.
The brushes and cloth are contained in a cardboard box for easy (and stylish) gifting. Box measures 9"H x 4"ø.