Duralex Gigogne Glass 22cl - Set of Six


A set of six Gigogne tumblers, another Duralex classic. The petite look of the Gigogne belies its tough build – usually when a Gigogne hits the floor, it bounces. Use them for espressos, short drinks or even delicate desserts. Duralex have been designing glasses that are made to last since 1945. You might recognise the designs from your youth; these are the same high-quality glasses and they're making a huge comeback.

Based in France, every Duralex product is built locally from start to finish. Each glass is carefully tempered for maximum strength; they're shock resistant, thermal shock resistant and virtually unbreakable. In the unlikely case that a glass meets its doom, it shatters safely leaving no jagged edges. But you'll have to try really hard to dent one of these. Were that not enough, we love the efforts Duralex make to minimise their carbon footprint. Their French factory uses kilns equipped with particulate filters to reduce emissions and their cardboard packaging is non-polluting and fully recyclable. 
220ml - 22cl.