Let's Play Outdoors!: Fun Things to Do Outside with Children


By Catherine Ard

A book that encourages children to go and play outside and discover what nature has to offer.

Leave the house and roam into the nature: It is a fascinating place, waiting to be conquered by little ones with curious minds. Whether in the garden, park, or a nearby forest, a closer look at nature will draw out budding architects, their first constructions built from stones, branches, and leaves; a thorough investigation of trees will reveal all kinds of insects; and listening to the animals around will teach their sounds.

Let's Play Outdoors! is for a new generation of environmentally conscious children, showing them how to interact with their surroundings in a meaningful way. The activities suggested inspire independent learning about animals, plants, and the weather, as well as how to look after the world.

In this book, children will learn:
- How to cook outdoors
- How to watch clouds
- How to do bark rubbings
- How to build a tent
- How to make a campfire
- How to get into star gazing
- How to identify trees
- How to climb trees
- How to use a map
- How to do pine cone feeders