Soy Aromatherapy Candles


These candles are produced with wholly natural ingredients. Essential oils, soy wax and no nasties. Presented in beautiful enamel containers which can be used as a container for a host of other things in and around the home, this lovely, natural candle is wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a sustainable brown box, to make a beautiful gift. 
Rosemary & Lavender
Inspired by French potager gardens, our Rosemary and Lavender candle is evocative of the traditional kitchen garden. Rosemary stimulates and relaxes, while Lavender is well known for it's soothing qualities. Together our blended candle, made only with essential oils and natural soy wax, produce a beautiful, distinctive scent, made to enjoy either indoors or outside. 
Pelagorium & Grapefruit
If you are wondering what on earth a pelargonium is, it's the most delicate, beautiful flower, related to the geranium, but smaller, more delicate. It's the kind of flower that would fill a Grandma's glasshouse. And once experienced, it is a scent that is unsurpassed. Blend it with mood boosting, stress busting grapefruit, and it gains an immediate freshness and modernity that we think it just mouthwateringly good. 
Wild Rose
Rose essential oil is an uplifting oil, widely used in aromatherapy, massage and candles to combat depression, grief, anger and fear. The oil itself is very expensive, due to the process undertaken to extract the oil from what is already a highly prized and much beloved flower. Roses hold a very special place in our collective heart - filled with memories of gardens, childhood, romance and happy times. 

  • Vegan friendly candle.
  • Fragranced with Essential oils only.
  • 45+ hours of burn time. 
  • Weight: 350g.
  • Natural cotton candle wick.