Cultivate & Grow - Japanese Herbs


Shiso is often used in combination with sashimi. It is sliced and added to salads, spaghetti and several meat and fish dishes or even as seasoning on a pizza. Originally it was used in Japan as a substitute for basil.

Wasabina is a mustard-like leafy vegetable with a wasabi-like flavour. "Wasabi-na" literally means "Wasabi-like" or "similar to wasabi". It can be incorporated in salads, as well as in soups and in wok-fried dishes.

Takanotsume Pepper is also known as the Hawk Claw Chilli, probably due to its talon shape. The plant grows to about 50 cm in a pot and would grow a bit bigger, if you plant it in the ground. Ripen from light green to red when mature. It has a stingy hot burn that lingers and would go great in anything that needs a bit of a punch. Used in the Japanese cuisine. Great looking little plant.

    Each pouch includes seeds, peat mix, and guidelines on planting and caring for your herbs.  Just add water!