Seasonal Produce

Summer is here, the fruit is ripe and vegetables are now in abundance.  A huge variety of this month's produce comes from our Beaminster supplier, Fruit and Two Veg.  Owners Angie and Kevin Denman grow vegetables on their farm just down the road in Merriot.  Our soft fruits come from nearby New Cross Fruit Farm and the incredibly sweet vine tomatoes from just along the coast in Sussex.

On our menu over the coming months you can expect to see; runner beans, peas, courgettes, broccoli, all varieties of lettuces, radishes, red and golden beetroots, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, flat peaches and nectarines (to name a few)

Appearing soon will be sweetcorn, and remember, it is always best used as soon after picking as possible.  We are also eagerly waiting the arrival of the Morello cherries from New Cross which we shall be steeping in brandy to use in puddings and drinks over the winter.

It is crab and lobster season and we are getting some great quality large crabs coming from the bay.  This year, the mackerel have been slow to start but soon the nets will be full of them. One of Cass' favourite fish is Black Bream and it wont be long before they start to show in greater quantity and we will be serving it up in the restaurant.

For the meat eaters out there, we have some rare breed Portland hogget going to slaughter and after hanging should be available from the last week of July. Also hanging at the moment is a forequarter of Hereford Beef from just outside Bridport so you will see the Hereford Beef Tagliata again on the menu soon.

Seasonal Cooking

With all the seasonal fruits around we are busy making pickles and preserves to sell in the shop. Piccalilli, rhubarb and vanilla jam, apricot jam, gooseberry jam, apricot chutney, pickled red onions and many others over the coming months.

Some dishes currently on the menu;

Labne with pickled fennel, pane Carasau, nectarines & mint
Crab and vine tomatoes with basil and pangrattato
Razor clams with aioli
Bruschetta with peas & lardo
Rose veal with golden beetroot and horseradish

Burrata with aubergine caponata
Roast duck with duck confit hash, gooseberries and gravy
Grilled mackerel with caramelized fennel, pine nuts, capers & rasins
Hereford ribeye tailgate with black garlic and rocket 

Blackcurrant jelly with vanilla ice cream
Plum frangipane tart